Sunday, May 4, 2008


AROUND 10 years back, on a Friday morning, I went to the fish market with a friend of mine.
We were travelling in a pick-up. After buying fish, we set out to have lunch in a restaurant nearby.
My friend argued that leaving the fish in the pick-up was big deal as there were no stray cats. As he elaborated about the cats, the waiter approached with the menu, my friend asked, “What are the dishes made with cats? Any special varieties?” The waiter gave him the strangest look I ever saw in my life.
It was just a slip of the tongue.
Trying to revive from the embarrassing situation, he told that he spoke the way to see the waiter’s reaction.
Calmly smiling and after having our fill, we went back to our vehicle only to find that there were a bunch of cats at the rear end of the pick up.
My friend was taken aback and did not know what to do. He immediately commented, “ I saw a black cat in the morning. That’s the reason!”
Poor black cat!!!!
Some people never take the responsibility.