Saturday, July 19, 2008

Celebrity modesty

Last week I was more than excited. It was the first time that I was going to meet Bollywood star, Shahid Kapoor. I kept my emotions under control as I had a junior colleague with me. I had to portray myself as a senior journalist in front of her. I wanted her to understand that they were just a subject for our reports. All the excitement went down when he arrived late than usual due to delay in airline flight schedule. We had to wait for more than three-hours to meet him.
Shahid Kapoor was an amazing personality. He was just like any other youngster in town. Although it was obvious that he was exhausted, his smile never faded away. After the interview, my colleague who was a crazy fan of his posed for a photo with him. She asked me to take a snap of theirs and handed the camera to me.
I had no idea how to handle the camera,but could not decline her request.
I clicked... but nothing happened. I clicked it again....a bit nervously.. and again nothing happened.
Shahid came over and told me,just press it and don't leave it...
And I did that... and there , I got a beautiful snap of both of them. We thanked him for his time. As we left the hotel back to office, I started wondering about the modesty of the actor. He was not a celebrity who thought of himself as someone great. He was always humble and down to earth.
I started dreaming of being a star and being as modest as him.
Yeah! Afterall, we have the right to dream. There are no limits when dreamz are concerned.