Monday, November 9, 2009

Fashion Fiesta

Arabia Fashion 2009 swung into full force for its breathtaking finale at the Palladium in the Media City on Friday, November 6. Held under the ownership of The Look Models, Arabia Fashion’s final of dazzling couture evening took on a traditional folk flavour. 
Fashion trends are at its peak as spring is paving way for the winter. The evening breeze creates party atmosphere as the desert cools down by the dusk. Fashion designers are in the venture of nurturing fine sense of fashion for inner calm and outer confidence.
Triggered by passion and determination, designers from various countries have created an aura scaling heights of the fashion industry. Coming into highlight with their unique dress creations for Arab women, they have imprinted their impressions in a variety of attires with their exclusive designs. The fashion show’s innovative spectacle chose apt music according to its theme for the season. Music in Arabic and English filled the Palladium as models vamped their way along the catwalk to pulsating rhythms for the duration of the show.  
The lady designer's impressive collection featured designs blending Hippie chic with Arabian Princesses. Layered breezy abayas combining touches of Western styling as well as traditional-makeover created a sophisticated aristocratic look. Outfits were beautifully crafted and multi-dimensional. The designer seem to drew inspiration from futurist undertones. 
Nadal and Zihar used ruched details and sensual fabrics juxtaposed with layers of modern graphic lace, stones and embroideries achieving a unique blend of throw-away glamour. Chiffon dresses by the lady designer went with a tribal-chic theme with prints and pale tones while the brother duo presented bright coloured dresses moulding an enviable spring look.  
Dubai’s fashion scene can brace itself for unprecedented style and glamour in Arabia Fashion Week 2010. With an admirable track record that speaks for itself, fashionistas can be confident that the best is yet to come.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Maya Ravan –An ultimate disaster

With publicity done to peak, Maya Ravan was expected to be an outstanding musical drama. Unfortunately, the show turned to be otherwise. The drama was lagging during the first part, while in the second part, Shobana and her team were shown more through the projector than in real performance.
The musical in English was highly Indian-accented, and the casting of Shobana as the devil, Ravanan, was a disaster. With feminine dance steps, the tough look of Ravanan was nowhere to be seen. All the artists, with their terrific body movements, glued the spectators to their seats. The dance performance was the only factor, that made the performance interesting, but again, the repeated steps were tiring.
It seemed as if Shobana was the only person who could bring expression to the face. Most of the others, especially Rama and Hanuman had no expressions at all. Sita did make good try and I wondered why Shobana didn’t take up the role herself. That would’ve been the best role she could do.
Indian traditional costumes were wonderful and add marks for a positive review. The costumes of the devil gang were similar to the African tribal wear with big beaded necklaces and leopard striped gowns. The devil dress left a mark deep within, wandering aimlessly about the reason for selecting such attire.
The drama, different by its name and selection of hero, was expected to bring a twist to the Ramayana story. The faulty spotlight added another mistake to the drama. The choreography was good. The songs and music in different Indian languages was not at all welcoming to the foreigners, as they couldn’t keep up with the ‘tempo’ of the drama.
An absolute flop, but a great try.