Thursday, September 25, 2008

Reflecting illusion

My friend was in need of household furniture for revamping his house. Someone told him to glance through the classifieds section of newspapers, as there are sparingly used secondhand furniture advertisements and the prices were cheap. Thinking of the money he might save, he tried to take a chance.
He called up a guy who had advertised in the Sharjah classifieds section. The person told him the location was behind the Millennium Hotel. They fixed an appointment to meet the same evening.
My friend on reaching the area called the other person to alert his arrival. He asked my friend whether he could see the mosque nearby. My friend turned around and saw it.
“ And there is a small restaurant opposite to the mosque. Can u see it?”
“Yeah, I can,” answered my friend.
“There is a new tower building next to that restaurant and I’m staying on the fourth floor,” guided the advertiser guy. But my friend couldn’t find the tower building.
After long talks over the phone, unable to locate, the guy asked my friend to stand at the entrance of Millennium Hotel. He came over there but couldn’t find my friend.
Two and half hours they tried locating each other with no positive result. At last, my friend asked him, “There is only one millennium Hotel in Sharjah, right?”
“Sharjah??!!! I’m in Abu Dhabi,” was the answer. For a moment there was utter silence. Both of then didn’t want to talk anything.
Who was it to blame? The people at the classified section who misplaced the Abu Dhabi advertisement in the Sharjah section? Or both the people involved for not communicating properly? Or the location that was almost similar?
Thinking in retrospection, all that happened to my friend was the reflection of illusion’s vision.


ബഷീര്‍ വെള്ളറക്കാട്‌ / pb said...

ha.. ha..
its not strange.. once it happend to me when my friend came to visit me. but the place was not differ like this incident. only the secter is changed.

rafi said...

dear journalist friend,
i accidentially came across urblog posting.....adipoli....onnu chirichuu