Tuesday, June 24, 2008

As though in a dream

As though in a dream,
Water splashes through the air
And gushes from the clouds.
Shimmering refreshing shower
Transformed from white to blue,
From springs to streams,
From torrents to waterfalls,
Whipping up mountains of froth.
As though in a dream,
You hear the faint spattering of a mist,
The babbling of a mountain brook,
The roar of a majestic cataract.
Sparkling in the sun,
The water murmurs its ode,
Chattering with a stream,
Humming a sweet melody
As whispered confession of love.
As though in a dream,
she releases her ethereal essences,
Like the freshness of a garden.
Light as a cloud,
Diffusing exhilarating perfume
With delightful chill across the skin,
Despite the enveloping heat.
For her, water becomes a caress.
The sensual sweetness of rose water
Blended with the succulent flesh of pear
For a mouth-watering start.
For him, water becomes a bracing spindrift.
Frosty zests of mandarin bubble with vivacity.
Sprinkled with aromas of aromatic sage,
He becomes an invigourating wave,
Cooled by the nearly marine
Accents of sweet nothings.
The frosted white heart holds the promise
Of an otherworldly paradise:
A vision of water, air, clouds and flowers.
It opens to unveil bottles tinged with poetry,
In glass as blue as the midsummer sky,
Adorned with delicate murmurs
Screen-printed in white thoughts.

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