Friday, June 6, 2008


The other day I was having an email discussion with one of my friends. It was about troubles and relationships. I wrote to him, ‘I love troubles...That’s why I'm where I am... After all, I love u and that is all what matters…’
He replied, ‘in three lines, u have said that I am trouble!!!!!! I love troubles and I love u. The inference is you are trouble.’
The whole thing was laughed out, but I realised that I do make such comments often. I am confused if anybody is offended by such remarks. It is never deliberate, but it creates uneasiness within me. I am more conscious when I make even the silliest comments.
Here is another incident. After office I have to wait for a taxi to go home and getting a taxi is a nightmare especially on weekends. As I work on the weekends, I face it every now and then! Last time it happened, I phoned up my mom and told her,
“Mom, I can’t get a taxi. Will u come? If I get a taxi, I’ll come by myself.”
She asked me, “If you are getting a taxi and coming home, why do you want me to come to the office for nothing?”
I just laughed out feeling myself as a clown. What else could I do?

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