Thursday, April 3, 2008

Blurred imaginations

Men always tend to be bad learners. Or maybe it is the anti-instinct within me that makes me feel so. A confession I have to make is that I always prefer guys as close buddies. I believe they are more secretive. And I have a conclusion that guys are the most talkative, once given a chance. Most often, ladies don’t let them.
I debate with my female friends sidelining with my male friends and do the vice-versa while encountering with guys. In retrospection, I feel guilty over the matter. Frankly speaking, I can’t make a fair judgement and cunningly keep away from speaking my stand. Also, I feel there is no point in being a feminist or otherwise.
All these thoughts stormed into in my head while talking seriously to a close friend. A schoolmate came along and surprised me.
She started her talk. “Oh! It’s so long we’ve met. And, gosh! You’ve become so fair. Have you been using any new cosmetics recently? And see… this is the new bag and shoes I bought last week…blah, blah.”
My male friend was patiently listening to her conversation with me. And after she left, he told me in disgust, “ Sami, you were speaking like a girl!!!”
“Hey, I am a girl and how do u expect me to speak?” That was my immediate answer. But it set me wondering whether there was something wrong with me. I get along pretty well with everyone. But, where do I belong? Or, is there a need of belonging somewhere.

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