Monday, April 21, 2008

Remarkable relation

Last week I attended a bloggers' meet at a park in Dubai. It was great, seeing the virtual people who were the best buddies around...(and rivals too). All the people had a common creative backbone. In a matter of seconds, the unfamiliarity vanished. All actions were censored with humourous comments. I was quiet, humble and down-to-earth person to create the homely girl image. I rarely care about what people think about me, but I'm concerned not to be in the limelight. But being one of the few female bloggers, attention was very much focused.
There was an online friend for over two years who knew that I'm never going to take any pranks to heart. And he had challenged to bug me the whole day.
I helped with food-serving after which he told, "With you here, how come we have so much leftovers?" I just passed a pleasant smile at him so that no further talks went on. But the guy never meant to leave me alone. I was collecting the empty cans, half-eaten plates and putting it in a garbage bag when he said, "See, there is enough and more leftovers. Then why are you packing these home?"
As I turned red, he started laughing. But another guy took advantage of the situation to almost box his ears for talking that way. "Look, you're meeting her for the first time in your life. And how dare you be like that?"
It was then that the 80 people gathered around remembered that they've never met before. It was another realisation of the intensity and depth of technology-defined relations.

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