Thursday, April 17, 2008

Perfectly imperfect

People are of different characters. And I like to accept them for their imperfect nature.
I had amusing experiences with a person quite normal, but never heard well. He was a colleague of mine and had no hearing problem, but just that he never concentrated.
Once, when six of our colleagues were having lunch in the food court, I sneezed and he asked me, “What happened to your father? What did he do?”
We all were shocked and asked, “What father? What are you saying?
He said he heard me saying ‘father.’ I said that all I did was sneeze.
Another incident happened in the car with the same guy. I was talking to him about brother’s wife who suddenly went to Kerala, as she is pregnant, but has some uterus complications.
This guy is driving and he suddenly asked me, “Oh, that’s sad, your brother has uterus complaint?”
I wanted to punch on his nose but just told him, “I was talking about my brother’s wife! How can he have a uterus!” We laughed so much that day.
Another realisation that it is the variety of species that make the world exist.

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